MCS-JCL 4.5 Workstation Fee Computer

The fee computer shall be an IBM Compatible disk-based workstation with a 9″ or 15″ color monitor, 64-key keyboard (optional), 109 key, 8MB RAM multifunction printer (receipt, validation, journal) 1 GB hard disk, magnetic swipe reader (attendants, service personnel, VIP, etc.) 3.5″ and / or CD-ROM, 1.44 MB disk, cash drawer with till, RS-232, Ethernet 10 Base T communications and PSI USER SOFTWARE


PSI offers 365 days, 24 hours per day back-up service.


User friendly, utilizing window programming options for end customer to program his or her own rate structures and options into the workstation at each location. Each unit has the ability to accept machine-readable interface, license plate inventory, Windows NT, networking, stolen tickets, programmable report generation and multi-tasking.

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