Parking Gate

Parking Gate from Parking Systems, Inc.

Parking Systems, Inc. specializes in versatile parking equipment for all sites and situations. Our parking gate systems utilize durable, top-quality materials to maintain the professional appearance and integrity of your garage, as well as smooth functionality to keep traffic flowing easily.

Choose from a variety of parking gates to fit the dimensions, look and needs of your garage. Each gate is made to withstand enclosed or outdoor use and the inevitable bumps and scraps with bumpers. Computerized ticketing and transactional systems inside interact seamlessly with the gate to allow entrance or blockade the site without stress or confusion to patrons. The gate arms’ steady vertical movement allows vehicles to easily pass through without endangering larger, high-clearance vehicles or longer cars.

Parking Systems, Inc has provided parking garages and other sites around the nation full functionality and coverage since 1973. We are proud of our workmanship and stand by each of our exceptional products. To find out more about our parking gates or to place an order, call 1-847-891-3819.

  • Unbreakable slip ring gear box
  • RDTL solid state logic for long life and simple service
  • Advanced design for significantly reduced maintenance costs
  • Modular design for use with PSI:
    • Ticket dispensers
    • Coin & token units
    • Card locks & card readers
    • Capacity counters
    • Multi-level structures
    • Computer control
    • Loop detectors, remote push button, or radio control
    • Single or multi gate systems
Optional Capabilities
  • Capacity Counters
  • Impulse Integrator
  • Variable Rate Computing
  • Automatic Revenue Control
  • Self Locking Cash Vaults
  • Audit Conuters
  • Folding Gate Arm
  • Automatic Timer Operation
  • Fault Alarm Systems

Gate Housing

Size 38" high, 14" deep, 14" wide
Access Hinged and gasketed top cover for easy service of all components
Mounting Four point anchoring
Color Earth tone, white, or safety yellow

Gate Arm

Height 28" above base in horizontal position
Length 10' standard, 12 optional
Color Yellow or white, stripe optional
Option Polycarbonate gate arm or Vandlgard kit

Electrical Specifications

Electrical Specifications

Input 105 - 125 VAC
Current Required 5A fused line
Logic Trigger 110 V A/C Line - T²L - 24V, A/C or 24V, D/C
Connections Solder connectors for all control circuits, terminal block for class 2 wiring

Gear Motor Specifications

590 in lbs. of output torque
60 HZ, 115 VAC
Instantly reversible
Sealed ball bearing
Electric brake